Brock Center Goals

The Brock Center for Agricultural Communication strives to heighten public awareness and understanding of agricultural issues by pursuing the following goals:



Locate and attract prospective undergraduate students who demonstrate aptitude for communication and have an abiding concern for agriculture.



Assist the university's College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and College of Liberal Arts in preparing these students to be effective professional communicators, through Learn by Doing opportunities.



Serve as a resource and vehicle the public, industry, professionals and academic personnel to promote the understanding of agriculture.


Professional Development

Promote the professional development of university faculty through teaching, research, and service to agriculture communication.



Develop and maintain a website as a resource for information on agricultural issues to serve students, faculty, media professionals, agriculturists and the public.


  • Produce a series of Agricultural Issues Forums

2012: Water Forum

2013: California Regulations and Sustainable Agriculture

2014: Managing Your Digital Life with Sara Quinn from the Poynter Institute

2015: Meet Your Meat...Pasture to Plate

  • Present industry seminars and media training workshops

2014: Professional workshop with Sara Quinn

2014: Introduction to Photoshop


  • Develop media guides for local counties

Public Service Announcements for local agencies and non-profits


  • Participate in professional associations of agricultural communicators

Attend the Agricultural Media Summit each summer

Attend the Produce Marketing Association Conferences


  • Publish Ag Circle magazine

Two issues published each year by Brock Associates and student-writers


  • Conduct applied research in agricultural communications

Process data collected from incoming agricultural communications majors

Survey and analyze past Brock Associates

  • Maintain a presence on the World Wide Web

Develop and manage a variety of social media platforms including: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


The Brocks' investment in the future of agricultural communication is a sound one. Cal Poly has been in the business of preparing agricultural journalists for some 80 years. It was many years of effort, submittal of proposals and support that finally gained Cal Poly the only Agricultural Communication major in the east of the Rockies in 2012.

In 2013, the first graduates of the program embarked to make their agricultural communication legacy known. It remains the only such program in California and one of the premier undergraduate programs in the United States.

With the help of the Brock Center, Cal Poly has successfully produced and placed many leaders in the agricultural communication profession. From the political arena to the rodeo arena, produce fields to field offices, the Brock Center has served many as a learning laboratory for those in interested in sharing agriculture's story.

Cal Poly and the Brock Center are dedicated to producing professional agricultural communicators who make a positive impact on our nation's most vital industry.


Brock Center for Agricultural Communication

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407




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