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The mission of the Brock Center for Agricultural Communication is to create a bridge of communication between the agricultural industry, the media and the public.

Jim and Martha Brock

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As a Cal Poly agriculture alumnus, Jim Brock became a leader in the western vegetable industry. His desire to enhance the image of the agriculture industry led to the expansion of undergraduate education opportunities for Cal Poly students interested in agricultural communication.

The Brock Center for Agricultural communication, established through the generosity of Jim Brock and his wife Martha, made a lifelong commitment to agriculture through the center. It is one answer to the expressed need of the agriculture industry for help with efforts to improve communication with the public.

The center's operations are funded by resources from a $1.5 million trust established by the Brocks to help make their dream a reality.

Established in 1986, Mr. Jim Brock’s vision surrounded his idea:

“Agriculture is the biggest and best industry in the United States. It has set standards of efficiency and high production that have done more than anything else to assure our high standard of living. Its’ very efficiency, however, has drastically reduced the actual numbers of those required to produce our food. As political power is measured by voting strength, the lessened numbers have greatly reduced agriculture's clout. Furthermore, it has become the most misunderstood industry in the country and the constant target for derogatory media comment. Why not try to do something to improve agriculture's badly battered image with the balance of society? No substantial contribution had ever been made for this purpose and we saw an opportunity to, in our small way, do more good than through any other course we could imagine.”


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